Erectile dysfunction remains a commonly occurring sexual dysfunction. The inability to maintain or get an erection can make a man's life miserable. But little do we consider how it affects their partner's life. We will look into how they feel and what they can do about it. 

Erectile dysfunction - What you should know?

It is easier for a partner to start blaming themselves if their partner suddenly shows a lack of interest in sexual life. It might be a half-baked truth, and you need to educate yourself about the condition to know better. If your partner cannot get an erection once in a while, it is not troublesome, and you do not need to do anything about it. If it becomes a regular issue, it would mean there might be a sexual dysfunction involved.

The dysfunction could result due to various underlying conditions. It could happen due to obesity, increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, or other neurological or hormonal issues. It could also result from relationship issues, depression, stress, or anxiety. Ideally, you should encourage your partner to book a consultation for ED to help understand the situation and receive appropriate treatment. But it is for you to know that there are many hidden reasons behind the dysfunction which has nothing to do with you.

The treatment of the Ed problem is also possible, and it is not that this is a permanent hiccup and you have to stay with it. The treatment options could be pills, injections, penile pumps, shockwave therapy, hormonal therapy, or surgery. Depending on your condition and severity, the doctor can advise a single treatment option or a mix. The doctor could also suggest other tips and tricks to help bring changes in your sex life.

How does ED affect the wives? 

Partners could be hit harder than the men themselves. It could be the game of guessing what went wrong. Initially, when men have erectile dysfunction, they know their bodies are acting differently but usually do not comment on it and start to avoid being intimate with their partners. It leaves the wife second-guessing everything and trying to figure out what changed. They could blame themselves and develop mental illnesses. It could affect their self-esteem, making them feel less of themselves. When one is not appreciated or loved the way they used to, it is human instinct to find the reason behind it. 

To understand the condition, you should understand a man's perspective too. When the Ed problem hits the man, they may not know exactly what they are dealing with. The sudden inability or impotence hurts their male ego and they might not think highly of themselves at the moment. They might feel weak, incapacitated, depressed, and frustrated at the same time. It comes as a new wave of constant defeat which shakes their ground. They might believe the best way to deal with it is to stay silent and figure out for themselves why it is happening. Avoiding sex becomes their saving grace to keep the wives from witnessing their weak moments.

So, you might be wailing about how it is affecting you without noticing the sudden changes in your partner's behavior. You need to look deeper than him avoiding sex to gauge the situation.

What can you do about it?

Firstly, you have to understand and believe it is not you causing the change. Believe in yourself and stand by your partner. Offering support can help him win the battle and get rid of the ED problem. 

The first thing that you can do is to initiate open communication. We often fail to understand the importance of communication in the relationship. We are better off not talking about a few topics, but it could not be further from the truth. Keeping anything to yourself is bound to increase the gap and lead to ultimate failure someday. Talk to your partner about the changes in behavior and show genuine interest. Tell them how you feel about it and how it is affecting you. Exhibit your concern and assure them that you are with them. Ask them to talk to you freely about how they are feeling and what exactly is happening. Behave like adults in a relationship and do not blame each other. Talk sensibly and only offer support. Do your research together and book a consultation for ED with an expert. 

Accept the new changes in your relationship and try to start afresh. Do not hold grudges, and do not bring up the ED problem in every argument. It will not help any of you and will only worsen the situation. Work on your relationship rather than trying to pull each other down. Emotional support can help anyone win the biggest battles. You can also try other forms of intimacy and show your utmost trust and willingness to work things through. Try to rekindle your relationship by going out on dates, spending more quality time together, taking vacations, and finding the meaning of love all over again. Experiment with new things in bed and rediscover each other's bodies. Be flexible, accept how your partner is reacting, and boost their confidence by telling them you love them for who they are and still believe in them.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle together can be a life-changing decision. It is proven that a sedentary lifestyle can be a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Modifying the lifestyle could help sexual dysfunctions and you could enjoy a healthy sex life. Support your partner on this journey and tweak your lifestyle. Try to include more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole foods in your meals. Study the nutritional values of various food items and ingest more nutrient-dense foods. Avoid frequent rounds of eating out and cook more fresh and wholesome meals at home. Curb the use of packaged and preserved foods. A well-balanced meal will help you feel better physically, aiding in better sexual health.

Include physical activity in your routine. Encourage your partner and do an exercise routine together to make it fun. It could be a long walk, cycling, swimming, dancing, or hitting a gym. Do what you enjoy the most to make it a non-negotiable part of your life. Avoid drinking and smoking if you do, and support your partner. Smoking can cause Ed a problem, and quitting is the safest bet. Moderate amounts of alcohol may not cause major issues but avoid excessive and regular drinking. Work on your triggers together and learn ways to cope with stress. Help your partner overcome stressful conditions and participate in activities that make you happier. Controlling your stress levels will help in achieving regular and adequate sleep. Proper sleep will make you fresher and more active and help you get better sexually.

Bottom Line

It could devastate a woman when their partners neglect them and avoid sexual intimacy. You must understand that it is not you and must handle this tactfully. Your partner could be suffering from erectile dysfunction, and you can help them get better by offering support. Your support and a sexologist's opinion can help deal with the Ed problem, and you can lead a healthy sex life again.